We mentioned you earlier that now 1 Oz Coffee offers different classes on brewing methods, latte art trainings and coffee tastings.

Here are a few pictures from some of those sweet and cozy educational events.

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More to come!

Coffee Roasting at Vertigo

We live and learn constantly in our every day life, work or school but some subjects seem to us like an open book. Coffee is one of those things.. until you take a look a little closer. What does it stay behind our every day cup? It is a whole new world of art and science.

Recently, we got  a chance to see the roasting process at Vertigo Coffee.

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Latte Art Competitions

Specialty Coffee movement forces baristas to learn and improve skills constantly. One way for the improvement is the Latte Art Competition or Latte Art Throwdown. It happens on a Thursday worldwide and SF Bay Area is not an exception.

We were happy to be a part of the Game 5 South Bay Throwdown hosted by Bellano Coffee (B2) on November 14th at San Pedro Square, San Jose. We served delicious espresso blend Monk’s Momentum roasted by Vertigo Coffee and participated in competition too.

Here are a few photos from this fun evening:

1oz coffee bags

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Espresso and Latte Art Basics

Dear Friends,

Would you like to surprise your loved ones in the morning with a heart in their cup of coffee? Or maybe you would like to treat your friends with flowers or ghosts in their coffee cups? 1 Oz Coffee can teach you basics of latte art and espresso as well as how to brew delicious coffee with a pour over set!

Feel free to contact us for more details! We will be happy to share our knowledge with you!

Coffee Tasting

Here is a good news for you coffee enthusiasts!

There are so many great coffee roasters in the Bay Area, so we decided to offer you a coffee tasting where you can try and compare them at a time.

We will have a few options:

1. With one roaster on your choice we will try how the taste of coffee changes depending on the way you brew it. We will start with Pour Over, move to the French Press and finish with Espresso.

2. We will try up to 5 types of coffee from different origins using Pour Over and see how they’re different from each other.

3. We’ll try up to 5 espresso blends from different roasters and compare their taste profiles.

All these options could be modified or combined.

It’s a fun team building activity or a theme for a party. Also, it could be a great gift for your friend who is crazy about coffee.. just like us! ;)




Contact us for more details!


Taste of Palo Alto

We will be serving delicious Vertigo Coffee at the Taste of Palo Alto 2013 on Saturday, May 4th. The event will take a place in the heart of Stanford University (White Plaza)  from noon to 4pm!


Demo @Vertigo

Dear Coffee Lovers!
We’re going south again.
April 28th 11am-1pm, 1 Oz will play coffee with their favorite roaster Vertigo at their cozy residence in heart of San Juan Bautista! Come over to get a cup at a beautiful patio and don’t forget they got crazy delicious pizzas and salads!Hope to see you there!